At a time when life for young people has been especially tough, we want schools to consider a summer programme that blends academic education and enrichment activities with the demonstrated benefits and transformation that a high-quality residential can bring. 


A well-planned residential programme enables students and staff to immerse themselves in a unique and powerful shared experience; forging strong bonds, exploring new places, meeting new people, taking on challenges and responsibilities, learning and applying new skills, broadening horizons and extending their “cultural capital”.  
It can offer meaningful support around wellbeing, re-engagement, social interaction and certainly transition; all of which may be significant challenges for some. 
There's no shortage of research that evaluates the impact of a residential visit early in the school year, and this infographic from Learning Away outlines the 6 key benefits. This summer, we have a unique opportunity to help pupils to not only "catch up", but to get ahead. Across our 4 outstanding venues, we are offering residential visits of any duration as well as day visits - all planned in partnership with you to address your specific priorities.  


We'll plan the programme in partnership with school staff to achieve intended outcomes through clear aims and objectives, and provide opportunities to blend academic education and enrichment activities as a catalyst for deeper learning. All visits are active, creative, “hands on” and fun-filled, and are led by experienced and qualified instructors and tutors employed by or for Sandwell Council. 
The core of each programme is about setting up the school year with: 
significantly enhanced relationships with staff and peers 
enhanced resilience, confidence, self-belief and wellbeing 
raised aspirations 
new friends, lots of fun, and memories to last a lifetime. 
The example programmes that follow are ideas for children making the transition in to year 7. We can deliver residentials of any duration during the school holiday.  
We provide the space and facilities for teachers to lead face-to-face teaching, and we lead enrichment activity sessions to punctuate the days.  
Example outcomes: 
Provide additional subject-specific support in preparation for secondary curriculum 
Increase self-confidence through overcoming challenges in a supportive environment 
Ability to relate to others and form positive relationships 
Download a sample programme: 
All sessions are led by our tutors with support from your team. With all programmes, we build in free time for pupils to play and explore our safe outdoor spaces.  
Example outcomes: 
Increase self-confidence through overcoming challenges in a supportive environment 
Ability to relate to others and form positive relationships 
Building communication skills - active listening and articulating 
Openness to new thinking and ideas.  
Download a sample programme: 
We would also be keen to include "Sandwell's Feelgood 6"; 6 simple actions to improve wellbeing.  

Connect & Talk  

CONNECTING with friends, teachers, the environment or the arts enriches every day at a centre.  
TALK about the way you feel, what you want to achieve, and what's going on that's really important to you. This happens in review sessions and structured play. 


Getting up and about makes you feel great! From gardening to hill walks, to dance and sensory activities - our centre grounds, activities and surrounding environment provide the perfect opportunity to get active. 


Take time, stop and focus on the moment; enjoy the outdoors or a piece of art.  
Looking up at the sky, exploring colours, textures and shapes, and exploring the senses through our sensory garden or barefoot walk can help us all become more aware. 


Learning something new is a great way to feel more confident.  
Set challenges, stick at something, and you will enjoy achieving it.  
Identify the stars at night, light fires, play an instrument, build habitats, perfect your photography, learn map skills, produce a collage, ride a bike and more!  


Doing simple things like making the time to listen to someone can really boost your wellbeing.  
Make bead links for a friend as a reminder of the programme, share feedback with each other, look after the animals, and develop trust and empathy through many of our sessions. 


Please get in touch! We have a full proposal ready which you can include with your plans to DfE in June. It covers briefly who we are, what we do and why, example programmes, impact and evaluation details, venue information, and a full costing proposal.  
A blended 2 night / 3 day residential is available from £98pp, which includes: 
all food accommodation and bedding 
sole occupancy of the centre accommodation 
24 hour pastoral support 
activities and specialist equipment 
any transport needed during the visit 
zero deposit to pay, and no cancellation charge if the visit cannot go ahead due to Covid-19. 
If you already have a centre that you work with you can contact them direct, or alternatively complete this form and we'll get straight back to you.  
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