There's no doubt that we're living in strange times, not experienced by our country since World War 2. BUT, there are still some really positive things that we can do; we can still achieve, grow and do things that we normally wouldn't. So, let’s create a time capsule of all the things you make, collect and do. Put it in a safe place and set an opening date so that you can look back on the things that you achieved when the country went, well, strange.  


A time capsule is simply a container storing a selection of objects chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future. People are incredibly fascinated with the past, and the future, and there are some really interesting examples that you can look up.  
Europe's largest time capsule - the Millenium Vault - was built in 2000 in Guildford, Surrey. The capsule which contains lots of mementos is set to be opened in one-thousand years in 3000. 


Decide where you’re going to store it 
Will it be in the back garden or yard, up in the loft or in the back of the cupboard under the stairs? 
Choose your container  
Your choice will depend on where you intend to hide it. If it’s outside it’ll need to be weatherproof and made of a material that won’t rot. 
Decorate your capsule 
Do you want to decorate your time capsule or fix labels that show who, where and when? 


Do you have a recent picture or yourself? You could take a picture of yourself now if you are able to print it out. If not, look at yourself in the mirror and draw yourself as accurately as you can. 
What can you collect on your daily exercise that you could put into your capsule? 
Dry and press a wild plant/ flower 
3 different leaves that you have identified 
Write your thoughts on the way things are. 
An item or toy that is important to you that you’ll be glad to see again one day. 
A Thought stick – This based on the Journey Stick idea where you tie pieces of coloured material and other objects to a stick. Each piece represents an important point in the journey. In this case each piece of material is a thought you are having right now. It’s a map of how you are feeling at this time. 
The bracelet you made from recycled objects on Plas Gwynant's Home Challenges. 
Write down something you want to achieve in the future and how you think you’ll achieve it. 
Write a message to your future self. 
Those are just some of our ideas;make your time capsule personal to you.  
Example timecapsule from 
Journey Stick Illustration from 


Where you put the capsule is entirely up to you. 
Before you store away this little slice of time, agree with yourself a future opening date. In many ways, the further into the future you decide, the more impact it will have when you find it. 
Why not try a year from now? 
If you'd like to download this, you can find it here: 
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On 21st March 2021 at 07:41, Belinda wrote:
A gr8 idea
I am gng to time capsule my ex's pics & other things & open thus time in 5 yrs time
Be interesting to see
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