With the current, unprecedented directive to self-isolate, there are some tips and tricks that can add structure to a day, and even provide beneficial challenge should you find yourself stuck at home. 
People do not often have the opportunity to take time out of life’s busy schedule, and this is just such an opportunity. 

Some things you could try 

This is a bit of a 24 hour challenge for you.  
Try thinking about isolation as “solitude”. At its simplest, ‘solitude’ is a state of being alone without being lonely, and it can lead to self-awareness. 
It’s a time for reflection, so here are some things that you could try across a 24hr period: 
Consider who you are, and whether that is who you’d like to be. I’d like to be The Rock, so let’s not take this too literally. 
Are there any things that you’ve realised about yourself during this period of isolation? 
Are there things in your life that you are less proud of? For example, character traits, or habits? 
How can you start to move from where you are, to who you would like to be? Are there some simple steps? 
It's important to capture your thoughts, and you can do this however you like; create a diary or journal, draw, do some goal setting. There are some super goal setting tools and tips available from BBC Bitesize here:  

There are some rules! 

To do this right and to get the most out of it, it’s not as straight forward as you might think. For true solitude, there are some rules! 
Try and do this for 24 hours. It’s not easy, but sticking at things is an incredible quality. 
No watches, clocks or mobile phones. 
In fact, no electronics at all. Eeek! 
No reading material 
Have a bottle of water 
Prepare some healthy food and snacks in advance 
Make sure that anybody who shares the house with you knows what you are doing and does not disturb you unless there’s a serious problem. 
Of course, don’t do this if you are unwell, or somebody is depending on your support. 

Once you've done it... 

You should be very proud, and perhaps even be ready to share that you have used this time so productively. What a story to tell friends, employers, colleges and universities. It has the potential to shape your perspective in so many ways. 
If you’d like to share your experience with us, your own tips or ideas you can use the comments below or #SRESatHome – but not until you’ve finished! 
Stay safe. 
If you'd like to download this, you can find it here: 
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