We would REALLY like to have a character to help us spread the word about the importance of our wellbeing. However, we are not sure what this character should look like or be like. And that's why we need YOU! 
Could you help us out by drawing or using a computer to create a wellbeing mascot for Edgmond Hall? 

What we're looking for 

We would love to have a character that would: 
be a good listener 
understand that we can look after our wellbeing by promoting and doing Sandwell's "Feel Good 6" 
Understand all those different feelings that we have 
be warm and friendly and pronote positive wellbeing. 
Be really creative with your design. Have a think about colours and characteristics that the mascot might have.  

Things it would help to know 

Sandwell's Feel Good 6 : 

Wellbeing is about feeling good and doing well in our day-to-day lives. Sandwell's Feel Good 6 are actions we can take to improve our wellbeing. 
Connect - meet up, build relationships and make friends. 
Move more - getting up and about can make you feel great! 
Notice - take time, stop and focus on the moment; enjoy the outdoors 
Learn - try something new, see what's out there and surprise yourself 
Give - giving your time by doing something nice for someone else can help make you feel great 
Talk - talk about what's important and how you are feeling 

What is Edgmond Hall?: 

Edgmond Hall is a Centre for Outdoor Learning where children stay overnight on a school trip. 
It is a converted farm with small animals, surrounded by nature, where children enjoy learning together. 
It is a place to have fun, discover more about yourself, be adventurous, and make memories to share. 

How to enter 

The deadline for entries is July 31st 2020. 
There are prizes for both Primary & Secondary ages, and an overall winner!  
Winning entries will have their ideas made in to our mascot at the centre, and used on our website. Winners will also get a goodie bag! 
To enter, download our template (or use a blank piece of paper, or computer for your design)  
and please send your entry to, or post to: 
Wellbeing Mascot Competition 
Edgmond Hall Centre for Outdoor Learning 
41 High Street 
TF10 8JY 
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