A visit to one of our residential centres is an amazing adventure! It involves a journey, exploration, plenty of creative activity, new experiences, lots of challenge, sleeping away from home, taking on responsibility, and always the chance to make life-long memories with friends and teachers. Brilliant!  
Alas, we can't do that just now, but we DO have a fantastic challenge for your pupils... and we think they'll be ready for it!  
Join us for a Virtual Residential! A 2 day, 1 night programme packed with creative & expressive arts, adventure and exploration, all linked by a common purpose - to complete the activities, share experiences with friends, learn so much and to achieve a special certificate.  
Challenges are set by not one, but all four of our centres, it's perfect for KS1 and KS2 pupils and it's FREE to take part: 

Register your class  

It's simple and FREE to take part; we're asking you to register so that we can: 
give you the support of lead tutor who can help you to 
tailor some of the activities and experience if you choose. 
Book free interactive sessions if you'd like to - a great way of bringing your virtual residential to life!  
and send certificates when your group completes their challenge. 
The Virtual Residential launches late February; all you need to do to pre-register is fill in this simple form and we'll send you a link and password for everything you'll need.  
Are you looking for activity ideas without setting the challenge of a Virtual Residential? No problem, you can find those HERE.  

Choose your activities  

The programme is 2 days / 1 night, and all activities can be done at home. They include things such as creating things from natural materials, bushcraft, raft building (for teddies in the bath!), superheroes drama sessions, problem solving activities, team challenges and fantastic art projects. There are LOTS to choose from! 
You also have the option of booking interactive sessions if you'd like to. Our tutors can lead sessions, introduce activities, and help the pupils to reflect on what they've done and translate that in to learning for life.  
We have curated the activities in to several sets, and you get to choose an activity from each set for the pupils.  
The sets of activities reflect a visit to any of our centres; they are fun and challenging, with new experiences to try and even a bit of the "domestic routine" thrown in for good measure... they might even end up making their own bed!  
And if you choose any interactive activities, we can tailor some of them to any themes or topics that you are working on in school.  
For example, if you choose to challenge The Man Who Knows Everything live, it could be a topic of your choice!  
Other activities include: 
raft building for teddies 
creating a time capsule 
climb the Wrekin (in stairs! See the Edgmond Hall staff take it on - Facebook video link),  
Superheroes Drama Session,  
mini expedition,  
cook Jan's Flapjacks 
Worlds smallest allotment, and  
bedroom battleships... 
... to name a few! 

Complete a learning diary  

We'll provide a diary for the pupils to complete as they progress through the virtual residential. 
It challenges them to reflect on what they've done, what they learned, and how they might apply those experiences in the future. 

Celebrate their success!  

Every residential at our fabulous centres is a great blend of fun and challenge, and children are always very proud that they have succeeded and achieved so much.  
The Virtual Residential is exactly the same - pupils completing the programme should be rightly proud of their achievements, and so we want to help celebrate their success with a live review and reflection from our inspirational tutors, and we'll send a certificate to keep.  
An ariel picture from a drone of adults in a circle joining hands and looking up
An ariel picture from a drone of adults in a circle joining hands and looking up
2 adults in a canoe on white water
An adult leaping from elephant rock at Llyn Gwynant


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