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We are determined to support group and visit leaders in planning for the future with as much certainty and assurance as we can.  
We want you to know that we are here to support you with flexibility, and at the exceptional standard that you would expect - whether that be planning for or delivering outreach work, day visits, and residentials,  
We are constantly monitoring latest government advice for England and Wales regarding off-site and residential visits, so that as circumstances allow, we can safely deliver residentials. . 
We are now able to deliver day visits, residentials for adult groups, and some venue hire in Snowdonia. We encourage you to plan ahead with us, with confidence that there will be no financial risk if we are unable to operate.  
This brief guide outlines what we are doing at Sandwell Residential Education Service, national guidance, as well as practical resources that will support your children and young people in the challenging weeks ahead.  

New & existing bookings 

Existing Bookings & Missed Visits: 

Missed visits 
For children and adults that missed out on their visit, we can deliver a series of day visits that work toward your original aims, or emerging priorities. We would also be delighted to reschedule the visit without any financial risk to the group should the rescheduled visit not go ahead due to Covid-19. Please contact the centre you booked at, or complete our enquiry form.  
Spring & summer term 2020  
There is no charge for programmes that have not gone ahead since March 20th. We would be keen to reschedule your visit or deliver a series of day visits for children that missed out. Please see above. 
Autumn term 2020 
Schools and groups planning residential stays are welcome to keep bookings open for November and December; visits will only go ahead if the latest advice and regulations allow, and if we are confident that we can meet any new regulations appropriately.  
There will be no financial loss to schools and groups if courses do not go ahead, or if schools wish to reschedule. If courses do go ahead but with fewer participants than originally agreed, only those attending will be charged for
For children and adults that have missed out, we can deliver a series of day visits that work toward your original aims, or emerging priorities. Contact us here to enquire. 
Spring term 2021 
DfE and residential learning centre representatives will next review guidance in November. We encouarge schools and groups to keep bookings open for January to March if they are happy to do so.  
There is no deposit to pay and there will be no financial loss to schools and groups if courses do not go ahead, OR if schools wish to reschedule. If courses do go ahead but with fewer participants than originally agreed, only those attending will be charged for.  
In November we shall contact all schools due to visit in the spring to review the position. Because of current uncertainty, the course planning forms (pupil lists etc) for these visits will not be sent out until November.  
If schools have any questions or wish to discuss rescheduling, please contact the centre you have booked with or complete our contact form below.  

New Enquiries: 

We have a fantastic day visit offer and we'd be delighted to speak to you about a residential visit! 
We do not ask for a deposit, and if the centres are closed due to Covid-19 at the time of the planned visit there will be no financial penalty to the school or group.  
That means that there is no financial risk to schools or parents, or other booking groups, in planing ahead with us and scheduling a visit. 
You can email us or complete our contact form and we’ll be delighted to receive an enquiry from you. Do also send any questions that you have. 

Day visits for returning pupils, families & staff: 

Schools are now allowed to take part in day visits, unless they are in an 'area of intervention' - those areas with additional measures in place. We are able to deliver learning and activities at your site or an area within walking distance, and indeed at our centres.  
We will be as flexible as possible in meeting emerging requirements of schools. If pupils, families or staff teams would benefit from facilitated outdoor learning or creative arts activities focussed around transition, wellbeing, re-engagement, motivation or forming friendships, then, where permittable, we’d be delighted to offer day visits or short, small-group residential programmes. 

Planning Ahead - Support from Sandwell Council 

Our top priority is ensuring the wellbeing of our team, visitors and partners, and making sure that we are able to deliver the same high standards of learning, arts and outdoor adventure in whatever circumstances we are presented with.  
Our risk assessments and operational procedures covering activities, transport, accommodation and food will take full account of the latest Covid-19 guidance. It is likely that initially, we will be working with smaller groups than before; and delivering a modified range of activities. We are planning ahead and getting ready to deliver programmes, and when circumstances are more clear we will outline full details. 
With so much to learn and apply, we are extremely grateful to our colleagues around Sandwell Council for helping our service to navigate the current situation. From Public Health, to Educational Visit Advisors, to ideas and resources from Educational Psychology; we will be confident in our capacity to reopen safely, and deliver the most impactful programmes to help our groups to recover. 
We will update our Safety and Care pages, and stay in close contact with our partners.  

Resources & official guidance 

What can we currently deliver? 
You can currentlly BOOK or plan for any visit to one of our centres, and if the visit can not go ahead as planned then be assured that you will not lose out financially. Read more about new bookings here. Here is what we can actually deliver today - note that numbers are only offered in line with current national guidelines: 
Visit type 
Further information 
School residentials 
School Day Visits - in centre 
YES - Wales only 
School Day Visits - at school 
YES - Wales only 
Schools - virtual art projects 
Schools - virtual drama sessions 
Corporate / Staff development days 
YES - Wales only 
Corporate / Staff development residentials 
YES - Wales only 
Self catering Cottage / Glamping hire 
Weddings Receptions 
Sandwell Council's home page has a page compiling everything that you may need to know, including: 
The latest NHS advice on coronavirus 
Updates from the council 
Advice for parents 
Community support 
The Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel provide advice, support and monitoring of visits and outdoor learning. They have published a paper summarising current government guidance directly related to educational visits, and guidance for planning and managing off-site visits and learning outside the classroom during the coronavirus.  
The Outdoor Alliance Wales Post Covid-19 Recovery Plan is an "at a glance" guide for the outdoor sector in Wales, and highlights how the sector can work together 
to alleviate issues arising from the lifting of restrictions. 
With good detail about how the sector is seeking to manage its recovery, it could help demonstrate they way participants and providers can recover to deliver outdoor activities. 
Our talented teams from around the centres are creating resources and activities that you can use at home or in the classroom. 

Contact Us Form: 

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