A KS1 or KS2 day visit or residential gently supports the personal development of all children, with every programme providing an opportunity to develop resilience, independence, and confidence. At each of our centres there's also the chance to create, develop, and explore a topic through outdoor exploration or the creative arts. 
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Our residential and day visits are designed with the pace and content to introduce younger children to new experiences. We can tailor the programme to explore a story, or to enrich the curriculum with memorable visits that enhance science, geography or history for example.  
For our teachers and visiting staff members it is the opportunity to have sole-use of a residential centre, see a different side to a student, develop the relationship, to watch them interact and build confidence. At the end of a visit to a SRES centre you’ll understand the children even better. 


A well planned day visit can gently support the personal development and engagement of the whole school community. They are available for pupils, families and staff teams.  
Join us to create memorable days that meet your aims - PSHE, curriculum enrichment, science, literacy, or maths for example. And you could bring us a topic and we'll bring it to life!  
Tried & tested programmes - things that we often get asked for - include Serious Fun, transition, wellbeing, teamworking and so on.  
And frequent topics include: 
Amazing Animals: Habitats & Homes 
Tremendous Teamworking 
Living Stories (eg Spiderwick, Stick Man etc) 
Bear Hunting for Beginners / Teddy Bears Picnic 
Stone Age Explorers 
Christmas Wonder / A Christmas Carol 
Olympians: we can be heroes! 
Mastering Maps 


We focus on the importance of the whole residential experience. A visit to one of our centres is about more than the activities that take place; it's about a warm welcome, great food, a strong focus on outcomes, developing positive relationships, and prosocial experiences, and creating memories that last a lifetime..  
At Edgmond Hall and Frank Chapman Centre, Key Stage 1 pupils can visit for 1, or more often 2 nights. From Key Stage 2 all of our venues* are a possibility for up to 4 nights or longer. They are small, welcoming places and you'll usually have the place to yourself. 
All centres have the Learning Outside the Classoom Quality Badge, which means you can be assured that a residential visit can be fully integrated with school curriculum and ethos, inclusive, designed to meet childrens' specific learning needs and planned so that learning can be embedded and reinforced back at school.  
* Plas Gwynant is available to Y5+ due to the nature of activities and availability of sized kit, such as harnesses.  


Family Learning Days are an active day planned with schools, which gently and creatively develop parental engagement through shared outdoor experiences and play at Edgmond Hall or Frank Chapman Centre. It gives staff, parents and their children the opportunity to explore, discover, learn and have fun together. 
Activities could include: 
Woodland trails 
Shelter building in the woods 
Meeting & feeding the animals (eg hens, goats, rabbits & guinea pigs) 
Team games and challenges 
Barefoot Walk 
Sticky postcards 
Nature art.  
They are £500 for 50 people and usually run on Saturdays.  
You know your children, parents and school priorities best, and so we are always ready to tailor delivery to suit the needs of the group we are working with. We do have lots of tried & tested programmes ready to go too. Examples outcomes: 
Making new friends / improved relationships 
Improving mental health & wellbeing 
Encouraging creativity and resourcefulness 
Deeper understanding of a topic 
Curriculum links: eg science, or history 

Ideas and benefits for KS1 and KS2:  

How about discovering animal homes & habitats at Edgmond Hall, or learning about the Stone Age at Ingestre Arts? Bring us a topic and we'll bring it to life! 
Developing skill and trying different challenges from a huge variety of  outdoor activities or creative & expressive arts. 
Arts Award – Discover Award at Ingestre Hall is offered as standard 
John Muir Award – Y4+ can complete or work toward this great award 
Create artwork and performances that can be celebrated back at school 
Developing independent thought, decision making, and encouraging children to express themselves by trying new things. 
Developing confidence and reasoning skills ahead of Y6 and Y7 
You can explore the value of an overnight experience in our Research & Learning section. 
“High qualiy & great value” 
All food, accommodation and bedding is provided 
There's no VAT to pay 
You'll have sole occupancy of the accommodation 
We provide 24 hour on-site pastoral support 
A: Absolutely. In fact, we think it enhances the experience as you'll be able to focus on your own group, your own values, and your own experience.  
We do ask for a minimum booking number* to have exclusive use. It's: 
Edgmond Hall - 36 min / 60 max 
Frank Chapman Centre - 36 min / 60 max 
Ingestre Hall - 50 min / 90 max 
Plas Gwynant - 40 min / 54 max 
A: If your group is smaller than the minmum residential booking number, there are few things that might help: 
1. Talk to us - we'll always be flexible where we can. 
2. We have a range of accommodation options including 12-bed cottages, and 40 Glamping Pods at the Frank Chapman Centre.  
3. You can still share the centre with another group. We often have small groups that want to share the centre and we help match them up with a similar age / stage group.  
A: The price is all inclusive. A "tutored" residential includes: 
All food, accommodation and bedding 
Any transport needed during your course 
All specialist equipment, from waterproofs or art materials, digital cameras, rucksacks, boots etc 
Free preview visit for group leaders 
24 hour duty support at the centre 
Full day programme and facilitated evenings 
1 free member of staff per activity group 
You just need to arrange your transport to & from the centre, and any travel insurance that you may want to take out.  
You CAN also hire the venues and self-cater at times by agreement.  
A: Each centre has a different feel, different set of activities, different environments, and offer consistently brilliant experiences! 
Have a look around the centre overview to get a feel for them, and then do get in touch to tell us a bit about your hopes for a visit and we'll let you know which would be the best fit. 
Edgmond Hall and Frank Chapman Centre are great for both KS1 and KS2 
Ingestre Hall is for Y4 + 
Plas Gwynant is for Y5 + 

A progressive approach to primary residentials. 

We believe that a residential programme is more impactful when it is progressive and threaded throughout the school life. 
Some ideas for a progressive approach to residential visits are: 
Day visit 
Edgmond Hall or Frank Chapman 
Nursery rhymes and fairy tales 
Fun/well-being; stimulus for language and vocabulary. 
2 night residential 
Edgmond Hall or Frank Chapman 
Nature detectives or Christmas journey 
first-hand discovery; science; RE, independence and relationships.  
2 or 4 night residential 
Frank Chapman or Edgmond Hall 
Young adventurers, pirates 
Fun/well-being; maps and maths; independence. 
4 night residential 
Ingestre/Plas Gwynant rotated 
each year 
Thematic art; outdoor exploration and adventure. 
Fun/well-being; creative skills; challenge, confidence and resilience. 
Edgmond or Frank Chapman 
Shelter building; camp fire; nature walks; animal magic. 
Fun/well-being; parental engagement and support. 
Staff training 
Training day/weekend 
Team building through creative art project or shared outdoor experience, with indoor workshops if required. 
Launch a step-change in school plan; share school vision; strengthen a great team. 
An ariel picture from a drone of adults in a circle joining hands and looking up
An adult leaping from elephant rock at Llyn Gwynant
2 adults in a canoe on white water
A team of teachers in buoyancy aids, helmets and water proofs
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