Every learner is different. We cater to all personality and learning types with a wide range of activites and powerful experiential learning moments which will allow everybody to succeed. We'll learn more about the group, your hopes and expectations, and shape a visit around you. We've been doing this since the 1930's - you're in good hands.  
An overnight stay achieves different outcomes from a day of activities. In many cases, the biggest challenge for participants is not the adventurous, outdoor or creative art activities; it's being away from home - often for the first time - and sharing experiences with people that they don't always know very well.  
Findings are clear that a well planned residential experience can lead to: 
improved achievement, progress and attainment, 
improved behaviour and attendance, 
enhanced relationships with staff and peers, 
improved engagement and confidence in learning, 
more successful transition experiences, 
raised aspirations, 
enhanced resilience, confidence and wellbeing. 

Primary Schools 

Available from KS1, our programmes are designed with the appropriate pace and content to introduce younger children to new experiences. We can also explore a story, or enrich science, geography or history for example. 
With sole occupancy of a centre, you'll see a different side to the children; develop relationships, watch them interact and build confidence. At the end of your visit you’ll understand them even better. 

Secondary Schools & Colleges 

Our programmes are outcome-focussed and will allow your students to explore their capabilities, strengthen emotional skills, and develop confidence through a range of fun, experiential learning activities. With high challenge and high support, it will strengthen your curriculum by giving opportunities to develop and apply a range of skills, attitudes and values in an inspirational setting. We'll create exciting learning moments and translate them in to lessons for life. 
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