"The constant assessment of each child's skills and subsequent adaptation of the programme is an area of good practice to share" 
Key Stage 2 Teacher 
At any of our centres, the activities are simply a vehicle for a learning opportunity. First, we work with you to understand the context of the group and the individuals, and then we work out a programme to meet your outcomes. The programme at Plas Gwynant is pretty fluid; we take in to account the changing weather conditions, the group, their energy levels and their progress. If they can be challenged further, or if we need to pull back a little we'll speak with you about adjusting the programme.  
The activities will be delivered by a learning professional with the appropriate technical skill and qualifications, they will be fun, progressive and educational.  


The options for hill walking and mountain scrambling are endless thanks to our spectacular location. For some groups, a relatively gentle mountain walk is appropriate. For others, they might be keen to test themselves on some of our more rugged and rocky scrambles, Snowdonia's mountains are a magnificent asset, and we are ideally placed to take full advantage of our location.  
Delivered well, mountain walking gives young people a real sense of achievement, knowing that they have accomplished a real personal challenge through their efforts and determination. It places young people in a unique wilderness environment that can fill them with a sense of awe and wonder. We think that it's so special, and with such valuable learning moments, that we encourage groups to have a full day out in the mountains.  
We take primary school groups as well as secondary schools and adults on a mountain adventure day that includes climbing a peak, rock scrambling, walking in streams, exploring small underground mines and gaining a sense of achievement.... and thoroughly enjoying the day. 


Snowdonia is one of the most popular climbing regions in Britain, and a course at Plas Gwynant is ideal for people to either take their first steps on the rock, or to push themselves on some of the classic routes in the area.  
Rock climbing is an exhilirating and rewarding activity. When climbing with groups, we encourage individuals to "look after the ropes" for each other - actively involving all students rather than staff taking the lead. This provides an opportunity to develop trust and confidence in each other as well as working more effectively as a team.  
There are a number of crags available to us, with climbs of varying levels of difficulty which means that everybody can achieve success, regardless of starting point and confidnce level. It also means that those that demonstrate an aptitude for the sport can be tested to their limits! 
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